In the vein of keeping it real
Plus my time in a floatation tank.
And neither is practicing meditation a form of idleness.
A joyful new year and all good things for thee in 2023 (rhyming is hard.)
David Whyte's voice is better than mine. Plus propaganda needs to be re-appropriated, by design.
Plus a new artist's book by me called The End of Winter.
Are you a designer interested in writing for Gornisht?
What am I doing writing this newsletter? Nothing. And a little of everything.
Plus, frostbitten tails, pattern-making, and the possibility that we can see everything underneath it all.
The demise of Roe and rise of radical compassion.
Also: as designers, what can we do? Plus Little Fires Everywhere and an animated video recommendation.
Plus a recycled font. I just dropped my phone.